What’s next?

Haven’t posted on here in some time! So what’s happened?

Odin’s Tea Party got it’s full release on Steam and I’m pretty happy to get it over the finish line but I did fumble the bag with that release. I didn’t really take the time to market the game which showed in the Steam stats for the project. Who would of thought that only three months of advertising would do that? 

I suppose that leads me to my next project on the horizon which is Froggies at the Zoo. I’m trying to build something bigger and better to really push my game making abilities. Got a slightly out of date demo for people to try out which has given us some good feedback that I’m at least going in the right direction. There should be a Steam page for this very soon and I’m excited to show it off to more people! 

Howdy It’s Jam Time

I’ve decided to throw my hat into the ring for a few game jams coming up which was the start with the recent blue update. The game jams I’ll be taking part in is as follows:




The idea is to have several different ‘episodes’ of the same core game concept spread out across the game jams. I’m already on the beta stage of the Retro Jam (since it’s the closest deadline.) There’s a whole lotta stuff going on with the Corrafinium project and this is just the start!

The Blue Update

Hello everyone! I am trying to make good on my promise to provide regular updates to the game so here’s some of the latest screenshots! I have finally got the time to implement a day/night cycle and some small weather elements still got a way to go yet.

Corrafinium Game Demo Out Now!

Howdy folks! I’ve been hard at work trying to finalize everything for the Corrafinium demo and I’m happy to say it’s all finished! Just navigate to the downloads section and pick which platform to download it for.

The files are packed in a .rar for windows and .zip for mac. Installation is dead easy on windows just drag and drop the ‘windows’ folder anywhere you would like and launch from the .exe. For mac users this is the same process but the file will be a .app.

I am really excited to finally get this out and get some feedback! 

Corrafinium Demo Trailer:



P.S. Happy lovers day!

Corrafinium Inc Introduction

Hello! I am currently developing a souls like first person shooter with a low poly western/science fiction aesthetic.

I am hoping to release a short early alpha demo to get feedback on the basic systems within the game. The demo is completely free so you don’t have to sell your soul to me. 

I’m going to try and give regular updates on the website about the progress of the main game. So look forward to some screenshots and a trailer for the demo. I hope you all stick along for the ride!