Monthly Update Vol Three

Howdy gamers! It’s that time again for a monthly update. As detailed in previous posts I’ve been hard at work making Odin’s Tea Party with a hopeful commercial release later down the line! Progress has been coming along nicely did have a minor hiccup with updating the project to run on the latest version of Unity. (Which was painful to say the least!) But it does come with some visual benefits which really makes the art pop. Expect version 1.6 within the next few days this includes the usual bug fixes, first pass of a main menu system and a new boss with a swamp themed arena. But as always a monthly update wouldn’t be complete without a screenshot.

Odin’s Tea Party 1.5 Update

Howdy gamers! I have come bearing good news of a new Odin’s Tea Party update. Included in the new update is a combat overhaul to include directional attacks, visual graphics update, traps in each arena, enemy AI overhaul to include more varied types in the arena and a shop that has three new power ups!

As always there’s more updates to come with this project and I hope to get this published on steam when a top secret update is completely finished… but I’ll reveal more when it’s ready. 

All the update files are uploaded onto the following website including a Mac build, Linux build and Windows build.