Howdy Quick Update About Future Projects

Howdy! I thought I’d do a big recap of what’s been happening behind the scenes. 

Exhibit A:

Mammoths Village has been released into beta! It’s an entirely new village in Skyrim with 25 unique quests some even have branching paths. The overall response to it has been positive which is always lovely to hear. There’s still a couple of tweaks to get it over the finish line but the project is taking a backseat for now.

Link to get the mod:

Exhibit B:

Maxon Business was a small trap room project made for Untitled Game Jam 61. Really pleased with how this turned out! It even came in at third place which is still wild for me to think about. The entire premise of the game was modeled after the Shivering Isles questline with trapping adventurers so it’s a bit of a tribute to that.

Link to get the project:

Link to the game jam: 

Exhibit C:

Speed Grower was made for Spring 2D Jam 2022. I’ve got some mixed feelings about this lil project. It was a pretty rushed job to try and get it together plus having to learn 2D art with 2D controls was certainly an experience! If you would like to subject yourself to growing a sunflower then look no further! 

Link to the project:

Link to the game jam:

So what’s next?

I’m trying to get into the groove of releasing more video and social media content. I really want to show off what I’ve been doing to a larger audience to get some more feedback during the development process. There will be a slight redesign to the website with an email list so if you’d like to stay clued in on what I’m doing then look no further! I have a few ideas on some cool stuff to show off but more will be announced closer to the time! 

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