What’s next?

Haven’t posted on here in some time! So what’s happened?

Odin’s Tea Party got it’s full release on Steam and I’m pretty happy to get it over the finish line but I did fumble the bag with that release. I didn’t really take the time to market the game which showed in the Steam stats for the project. Who would of thought that only three months of advertising would do that? 

I suppose that leads me to my next project on the horizon which is Froggies at the Zoo. I’m trying to build something bigger and better to really push my game making abilities. Got a slightly out of date demo for people to try out which has given us some good feedback that I’m at least going in the right direction. There should be a Steam page for this very soon and I’m excited to show it off to more people! 

Howdy Quick Update About Future Projects

Howdy! I thought I’d do a big recap of what’s been happening behind the scenes. 

Exhibit A:

Mammoths Village has been released into beta! It’s an entirely new village in Skyrim with 25 unique quests some even have branching paths. The overall response to it has been positive which is always lovely to hear. There’s still a couple of tweaks to get it over the finish line but the project is taking a backseat for now.

Link to get the mod:



Exhibit B:

Maxon Business was a small trap room project made for Untitled Game Jam 61. Really pleased with how this turned out! It even came in at third place which is still wild for me to think about. The entire premise of the game was modeled after the Shivering Isles questline with trapping adventurers so it’s a bit of a tribute to that.

Link to get the project:


Link to the game jam:


Exhibit C:

Speed Grower was made for Spring 2D Jam 2022. I’ve got some mixed feelings about this lil project. It was a pretty rushed job to try and get it together plus having to learn 2D art with 2D controls was certainly an experience! If you would like to subject yourself to growing a sunflower then look no further! 

Link to the project:


Link to the game jam:


So what’s next?

I’m trying to get into the groove of releasing more video and social media content. I really want to show off what I’ve been doing to a larger audience to get some more feedback during the development process. There will be a slight redesign to the website with an email list so if you’d like to stay clued in on what I’m doing then look no further! I have a few ideas on some cool stuff to show off but more will be announced closer to the time! 

Monthly Update Vol Eight

Howdy gamers! Not an awful lot to stick in this monthly report. Just released a Halloween themed level for Froggies At The Zoo but I do have a bigger project that’s been in the works for awhile now. I’ll update yah when I have more to say about it! 

Links to the project:



Monthly Update Vol Seven

Howdy! I’m back from my semi hiatus (I am very poor at giving myself some time off.) I’ve dropped two games over the past two months just super small and simple concepts but fun all the same! 

The first game was: Airwind Express

Super simple delivery game where you fly around a randomly generated map to complete ten deliveries or deny ten deliveries. Whatever floats your boat.

The world gen can be a lil funky but that’s just part of it’s charm 😉

This was made in 3:15 hours for: https://itch.io/jam/trijam-132

Links for the project:


The second game was: Tofu Driver

Simple procedural game about delivering packages and avoiding ghosts. 

This was made for: https://itch.io/jam/a-game-by-its-cover-2021

Links for the project:


I think I was going for a theme of procedural generation and I’m not sure if I will keep exploring that aspect. I do have some vague plans for more stuff in that vein but we’ll see where it goes! 

Rooting Tooting Wrestling presents Shadow Boxing!

Howdy! I’m happy to show off my remaster of RTW: Shadow Boxing! This took a lil longer than expected to come out but it really shows in the end product. The map has been completely overhauled, combat overhauled, enemy AI overhauled and many more things that have been… OVERHAULED!

The aim of this game is to defeat three bosses with a focus on melee combat! remember to dip, dive and dodge. Oh and try not to disturb the gardener.

Links to the game:

Itch: https://corrafiniuminc.itch.io/rooting-tooting-wrestling-shadow-boxing

Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/rootingtootingwrestlingshadowboxing/423139

Monthly Update Vol Five

Howdy! It’s that time again (I know hold the applause.) Been hard at work with updating RTW and it’s coming along swimmingly. I’d expect the release to come out in the next two weeks as it’s roughly 80% complete just some small texture work and finishing the combat system (which has really come a long way!) Once this update is released I’ll be getting back to work on Odin’s Tea Party but I’ll leave yah with some RTW screenshots.

Backseat Chef

Howdy! I present to you ‘Backseat Chef.’ Only slightly late to be uploaded to the site but it’s been a manic few weeks!

Simple janky game use your voice to do actions in the game to make four types of egg dishes.

This was made for: https://itch.io/jam/low-effort-jam-10


Your voice! 

Windows version: Backseat Chef

Super Galaxy Hockey 2.0

Super Galaxy Hockey is a physics based local coop air hockey game. Three different tables to play on all with their own twist! Complete overhaul of the previous game! I’ve completely rebuilt from the ground up. If you tried the original it’s a night and day difference in quality.

Project links: 

itch.io: https://corrafiniuminc.itch.io/super-galaxy-hockey

Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/supergalaxyhockey/405223

Monthly Update Vol Four

Howdy gamers! Got a monthly update and what to expect over this month. I am hard at work updating some of my previous games because I ain’t happy with them on a technical level. The first of these games to get a total overhaul is Super Galaxy Hockey it has three different air hockey maps with different gimmicks.

Honestly I haven’t been happy with it for awhile and it’ll feel good to do a lil spring clean and spruce up projects that aren’t up to par! I have been toying around with combining three of the game jam projects into one game just so it feels cohesive but that’s still just an idea! But as always it wouldn’t be a classic update post without a screenshot of what to expect! 

Froggies At The Zoo

Howdy my fellow gamers! I recently took part in Mini Jam 79: Frogs.  I made a super simple game similar to Pokémon Snap. Take cute pictures of frogs and see the end results when the lap is completed! Five different frog types to picture just a simple relaxing game! If this seems like your thing the project is available from these links! 

Project files:

Froggies At The Zoo

Froggies At The Zoo Linux

Froggies At The Zoo Mac





Mouse to move camera

Left Click to take photos

Hold Right Click for fixed zoom

Mouse Wheel for a manual zoom

(The link for the game jam: https://itch.io/jam/mini-jam-79-frogs)