Outlanders Chronicles

Howdy! Outlanders Chronicles is a low poly stylized puzzle game with some lite RPG elements. Borrowing elements from Portal, Supraland and Frog Detective. This game is set to be completed after Odin’s Tea Party has shipped so for now enjoy the demo!

The main goal of the game is to go island hopping re-linking the lost gateways and find out why they have been broken. To achieve this you have to complete the trials on each island to activate the gateway based there. Each island has it’s own identity and theme with some small mini quests that you can choose to do to learn more about this strange land.

The current timeline of the project:

Stage one: 

  • The estimate for this is six months
  • Implement  additional levels to fully flesh out the game
  • Add in more complex puzzles which reward the player after completion
  • Additional gameplay mechanics which are carried over to later levels such as fishing or plant growing
  • Start releasing more videos, screenshots and information for the project
  • Steam page for wishlists
  • Potentially opening up my Trello board for the public to look at so they can see progress real time

Stage two:

  • The estimate for this is two months
  • Quality of life features such as save/load to keep the player progress
  • Rework of the current sound effects and sound track
  • Ability to rebind the keys and additional settings parameters 
  • Controller support for different platforms
  • Start contacting journalists and YouTube reviewers to drum up more interest

Stage three:

  • The estimate for this is one month
  • QA to squash any undesired bugs
  • Playtesting to see if any puzzles need clearer sign posting

Stage four:

  • The estimate for this is one month
  • Initial Steam release 
  • Monitor the release and see if any additional fixes need to be applied

Stage five:

  • Depending on the initial success of the Steam release to start rolling it out to console platforms hopefully on a two month schedule 

The targeted audience is people who enjoy short puzzle games. I want to tap into the market which people play Portal, Supraland, Frog Detective and Superliminal. The current estimated play time of the game is between 2-4 hours. So the perfect pick up and play for an afternoon or evening game leaving people wanting more content than being swamped with too much

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day! 

Link to the project files:

Itch: https://corrafiniuminc.itch.io/outlanders-chronicles

Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/outlanderschronicles/720743